Special Session 2 (SS 02)

Special Session 2
Special session code: SS 02
Theme: AI and Cyber-Physical Systems for Sustainable Smart Cities
CFP_ICECCT 2024_SS 02 
1. Dr. (Mrs.) Rajashree Jain
Symbiosis Institute of Computer Studies and Research (SICSR),
Symbiosis International (Deemed) University, Pune, India,
2. Dr. Malathy Sathyamoorthy
KPR Institute of Engineering and Technology, Coimbatore, India
This special session aims to explore the multifaceted relationship between AI and CPS in shaping sustainable urban environments. From optimizing energy consumption to enhancing transportation systems, from managing resources efficiently to ensuring public safety, the integration of AI and CPS offers innovative solutions to the complex challenges faced by modern cities.
Topics of Interest
1. Embedded and Internet of Things
- Expert Systems in Internet of Things
- Internet of Agri Things
- Industrial Internet of Things
- Security and Privacy in Internet of Things
- App based remote sensing
2. Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS):
- AI-driven traffic management and optimization.
- CPS-enabled smart mobility solutions.
- Integration of AI for autonomous vehicles in urban environments.
- Sustainable transportation planning using AI and CPS.
3. Smart Energy Management:
- AI-powered energy monitoring and optimization.
- CPS for smart grids and renewable energy integration.
- Predictive maintenance of energy infrastructure using AI.
- Demand-side management and energy-efficient urban planning.
4. Urban Infrastructure and Resource Management:
- AI-enabled predictive maintenance of urban infrastructure.
- CPS for water and waste management in smart cities.
- Optimization of resource allocation using AI and CPS.
- Sustainable building design and construction with AI and CPS.
5. Public Safety and Security:
- AI-based surveillance and threat detection systems.
- CPS for disaster management and emergency response.
- Predictive policing and crime prevention using AI.
- Privacy and ethical considerations in AI-powered security systems.
6. Community Engagement and Governance:
- AI-driven citizen feedback mechanisms for urban planning.
- CPS-enabled participatory governance in smart cities.
- Social inclusion and equity through AI and CPS technologies.
- Policy frameworks and regulatory aspects of AI and CPS deployment in smart
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