With a clear round in the transformations there is enough for the title of best in the field and for the standing ovation at the time of transmission with Rizzi.

They are just the two trocar put things in place to Treviso, at the start of the second half (6 ‘): after storage still won by a positive Ruzza and race Negri, the assistance of the center free number 10 blue, to finish in between the posts. It ‘s time the 25 year-old Italian-scozzesse: picked up the oval, sends an empty first defender with a fake first defender, turns the legs and avoided a second tackle, it goes to comfortably rest in addition to the line 11′ . With a clear round in the transformations there is enough for the title of best in the field and for the standing ovation at the time of transmission with Rizzi resume preparation and job-hunting.

At this point the green and white (on the occasion, in truth with blue-blue jersey of the cup) can take off with the goals of Faiva and further, good work at hand completed by Brex, interspersed by the force signed Aulika marking . A destination that does not hurt: Treviso offers a first brick for the passage of the round, the first historic qualification of an Italian woman to the second stage EU. Matt Zanardo

January 21, 2019 – Milan Lisa Pigato Small blue grow, and win even against odds. Three were in the field, all from disadvantaged, in Italian the night of the Australian Open under 18. And in three won, showing techniques and character qualities, landing in the second round. The most anticipated was Julius Zeppieri, the 17 year old Latina that the US Open last year (when he reached the quarter-finals) found confidence to make a major breakthrough, not only in the junior level.

In Melbourne, he had a difficult challenge in the second round in front of the French Valentin Royer, seeded number 11 and 16 in the world in the ITF rankings. Instead Julius has made it easy 6-4 6-1 in one hour and twelve minutes, and the transalpine sent back home without understanding much. In New York the Italian left-handed race had stopped in front of the small Tseng phenomenon, current leader of the junior scene.

But this time the board is not so complicated, the next round is the Czech Forejtek, and all in all a little thought to touch up its own record in Grand Slam would not be out of place. VIDEOS OF JOURNAL TV SURPRISES – Meanwhile Lombard girls continue to amaze. Lisa Pigato, 15 years from Bergamo, and Federica Rossi, 17 from Sondrio, live a dream day and send home, respectively, the Spanish Custic (seeded No.

15) and Thai Naklo (No. 12) box is checked on the third in two match that long remember. Lisa, with a large bandage thigh to protect against a suspect pain warned last week, is the key to answering edged rival after a set of adjustment. And the third is to just hold your nerve to avoid attempting to dell’iberica comeback (3-6 6-4 6-3 result).

Federica, however, seems to dominate from the start, then lost the thread of the meeting, but he finds himself in time to avoid risk (6-2 2-6 6-1). Their tournament, considering that both come from the qualifying, it’s great just as well. But now comes the most interesting challenges: Pigato against the Canadian Fernandez (fourth favorite and 434 WTA), Rossi against the Swiss Sun (seventh-seeded). You enter another dimension.

Pending Musetti and Darderi, called to complete the en plein. Cristian Sonzogni

February 15, 2015 – San Vittore Olona (Milan) A cross of the past, from the Anglo-Saxon flavor: the 83rd Cinque Mulini, classical inserted in the IAAF Permit, circuit that includes the 11 most prestigious cross country races in the world, sinking in the mud. It is pure entertainment, for the purpose, for real fans palates. Not surprisingly, the slime, emerges a champion, the 21 year old Ethiopian Muktar Edris, on the glorious meadows of San Vittore Olona who won in 2013.

He wears the number bib are, traditionally reserved for the favorites and despite the prestigious competition, stick to prediction. #Atletica @cinquemulini Vince a great Muktar Edris (Ethiopia) on the Kenyan Kibet and Birech fifth Rachik pic.twitter.com/esO2PtDbmy – Andrea Buongiovanni (@abuongi) February 15, 2015 THE RACE – And to think that the race of the “little Bekele” it’s all in comeback. Departing fact gets caught, it remains trooped and after a few hundred meters slips, finishing down in a huge puddle.

He struggles to his feet and seems to acknowledge the blow. It is also bolted below the right knee. It loses ground and precious seconds. At the first of six planned rounds passes even around the 30th place.

But they do not crush in front of the throttle and Edris can start writing their own company. It needs about a lap and a half to get back on top. And, a little later, he puts in front of the group to make selection. Its action on a heavy track, is light, incisive, beautiful.

Besides last season, with his 12’54 “83 in Stockholm, the 5000 track was the best in the world (in the specialty was champion champion PROGRAMS The appointments of the blue  junior season in Barcelona 2012). He hurries vacuum and concludes master (33’50 “). Kenyan Alex Kibet, the second at the 2014 and Jairus Birech, the last ruler of the 3000 season hedges, have to fight for second place. They will end up in the order (33’59 “and 34’08).

The Ethiopian advantage, athlete of the Trentino team Gianni Demadonna and often engaged in Italy, has not increased, but remained not ensure surprises. It ‘been a great “one man show”. The best of the Italians, fifth behind the Burundian Irabaruta Olivier (34’16 “), is Yassine Rachik (34’38”), bearer of the Hundred Towers Pavia.

Further back Bernard Demattesis (8th in 35’11 “), Manuel Cominotto (10 ° 35’41”) and Patrick Nasti (11 ° 35’54 “), only the protagonist of the first stages of the race. WOMEN – The female test, absent the announced British Gemma Steel, European champion in charge, is the 21 year old Kenyan Violet Jelagat (24’40 “), another frequent visitor of Italian races. It precedes the Portuguese 32-year old Ana Dulce Felix (25’02 live slot toto “), continental gold in the 10,000 in Helsinki 2012 and a perky Valeria Roffino (25’10”): the 24 year-old Piedmontese gives a more positive note in blue key to a shamefully deserted by day too many specialists. From our correspondent Andrea Buongiovanni  @ abuongi

March 11, 2019 – Milan Davide Merola, 18, striker of Inter Primavera. Getty Five Italian champions for Spalletti. Obviously it is not the market of free agents, but what will come from the list Uefa B for Thursday’s match against Eintracht for the return of the knockout stages of the Europa League.

The Nerazzurri rose is bare-bones is so on the bench against the Germans probably will end Schiro and Merola as in Frankfurt match, but Nolan, Zappa and Gavioli, all stars of the Scudetto Primavera last season. Possible also called Corrado, Roric and Esposito. Not Adoring, who last week broke the anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee.

Inter-Spal, report cards, “El toro” and Spalletti 7 defenders and midfielders – So Let’s find these guys, role by role. Nolan’s Irish Central defender Class 1999 Spalletti also wanted to bring in preparation: dry but powerful physique, a strong kind words. Zappa is right back thrust which if necessary can also play higher: U20 National, lungs and grit insured.

Nicholas Corrado, born in 2000 instead plays on the opposite end, goalscorer and that allowed the spring to equalize the Viareggio Cup debut against Braga (1-1). In midfield there is Thomas Schiro, lefty point guard class in 2000 in the national team U19: good quality, perhaps too light for such an important challenge. Lorenzo Gavioli has a more structure and more “smart”: last year it finally exploded at Viareggio.

Nell’U19 Federico Guidi eight appearances this season. And then there’s Maj Roric, 2000, Slovenian midfielder, he also studied by Spalletti in retreat: physical and game times, and two networks in Youth League. attackers – And then you go to the ends, the role most discovered in Eintracht view. Without Lautaro disqualified, Spalletti will have only Keita but has been recalled after two months apart.

The Senegalese probably start him off the bench, with Perisic in or Politano golf fake “9” numbers. So maybe you will make the debut of one of the boys of Madonna Spring. The most reliable is Davide Merola, another in 2000: 10 goals in season with Spring, the second toe to tears and dribbling, with a good feeling with the goal.

The alternative could be Sebastian Edwards, born in 2002, 16 goals in 14 games with the Under 17 (with her same age) and 5 with the Primavera championship between (2), Italian Cup (2) and Super Cup (1) : modern centravantone, already eight goals even with the U17 national team of which he is the captain and undisputed leader.

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