Event Management Committees

List of event management committees (Internal) of IEEE ICECCT 2015

Responsibilities Members
IEEE communications, approval process, formation of various committees, reviewer identification for each discipline, brochure and call for papers poster design, online promotions, social website accounts, website design and maintenance Dr.S.Thangaprakash, Head/EEE


Paper  receiving,  paper ID allotment, acknowledgement,  reviewer assignment, review report follow-up, revision follow-up and final decision Dr.S.Thangaprakash – CoordinatorMr.S.Venkateshkumar, AP/EEE
Identification of session chairs, workshop and tutorial session Dr.S.Thangaprakash, Head/EEEDr.M.Sabrigiriraj, Head/ ECE

Prof. Sivaganesan, Head/ CSE

Preparing and sending final reports, documents to IEEE, paper registration and CRP check, proceedings and CD preparation, plagiarism check and PAL verification for the accepted papers. Prof.S.Senthil Kumar, Associate Prof./ECE- CoordinatorMr.K.Kalirajan, AP/ECE

Mr.K.Monoharan, AP/ECE

Ms.A.Amutha, AP/ECE

Mr.R. Venkatesh, AP/CSE

Ms.M.Nisha, AP/CSE

Mr.M.Karthik, AP/EEE

Mr.S.Venkatesh Kumar, AP/EEE

Ms.D.Jayanthi, AP/EEE

 Invitation, Banner & Placards Mr.S.Saravanakumar, AP/CSE – CoordinatorMr.R.Satheesh, AP/EEE

Mr.M.Mohanraj, AP/SVSICA

 Certificates & ID cards Mr.K.Dinesh, AP/CSE – CoordinatorMr.M.Santhosh, AP/IT

Mrs.B.Harini, AP/EEE

 Conference Kit Mr.M.Nakkeeran, AP/CSE – CoordinatorMr.B.Sridhar, AP/EEE

Ms.S.Malini, AP(SG)/ECE

 Event registration Ms.S.Malini, AP(SG)/ECE  – CoordinatorMs.C.Viji, AP/IT

Mr.R.Satheesh, AP/EEE

Mr.G.Arumugam, AP/PCE

Mr.K.Ramesh, AP(SG)/S&H

Mrs.T.Sathiyapriya, AP/ S&H


VIP’s hospitality -Receiving keynote speakers (Indian and Foreign), accommodation and departure Mr.Rajkumar Ramanujam, AP/ECE – CoordinatorMr.K.Prabaharan, AP(SG)/ S&H

Mr.V.Moorthy, AP/EEE

Mr.P.K.Selvaraj, AP/ S&H

Mr.M.Logapraksh, AP/IT

 Hospitality –  participants Mr.I.Anbarasan, AP(SG)/ ME- CoordinatorMr.K.Sivakumar, AP/EEE

Mr.B.Sridhar, AP/EEE

Mr.A.Anand, AP/ECE

 Reception & external decoration Mrs.U.Vanitha, AP/ECE – CoordinatorMs.R.Gayathridevi, AP/S&H

Ms.D.Jayanthi, AP/EEE

Hall arrangement and stage decoration – Inaugural, keynote speeches and valediction Mr.C.P.Boopathy, Associate Prof/EEE – CoordinatorMr.P.Vasanthakumar, AP/IT
Session hall arrangement, decoration & PA System for presentation halls Mr.K.Bakiyaraj, AP/SVSIMS – CoordinatorMr.S.Shamsul Hudha, AP/CE
Pre conference workshops  and Tutorial coordination Mr.C.P.Boopathy, Associate Prof/EEE
Exhibition coordination Mr.L.Senthil Kumar, AP(SG)/S&H – CoordinatorMr.P.Selvakumar, AP/S&H
 Catering – Participants Mr.N.Muthukumaran, Associate Prof/CE – CoordinatorMr.B.N.Sreeharan, AP(SG)/ME

Mr.B.Sridhar, AP/EEE

Ms.S.Umamaheswari, AP/IT

Catering – Session Chairs & Keynote speakers Dr.S.Rajasekaran, Associate Prof./EEE – CoordinatorMr.G.Rajesh Babu, AP(SG)/ECE
Refreshments – VIPs Mr.K.Ramesh Babu, Associate Prof./ME- CoordinatorMs.D.Vinodhini, AP(SG)/S&H
Refreshments – Participants and session chairs Mr.N.Nagarajan, AP(SG)/ME – CoordinatorMr.M.Sivakumar, AP/CSE
Conference dinner Dr.S.Rajasekaran, Associate Prof./EEE- CoordinatorMr.G.Rajesh Babu, AP(SG)/ECE
 Memento, Shawl and Bouquet Mr.S.R.Mugunthan, Associate Prof./CSE- CoordinatorMr.K.Murali sankar, AP(SG)/CSE

Mrs.S.R.Thilaga, AP(SG)/EEE

 Press, media, video and photography Mr.K.K.Shyam Uma Shankar, PRO – CoordinatorMr.P.Vineeth Kumar, AP/ME

Mr.S.Venkatesh Kumar, AP/EEE

Audio systems, electrical supervising, projector servicing and follow-ups Mr.G.Rajesh Babu, AP(SG)/ECE- CoordinatorMr.M.Karthick, AP/EEE

Mr.V.Venkatesh, AP/CSE

Compeering desk – Inaugural, keynote, workshops, tutorials, and valediction Mr.R.Thirumalai Rajan, AP/S&H- CoordinatorMrs.B.Harini, AP/EEE
 Video conferencing Mr.N.Rajkumar, AP/CSE- CoordinatorMr.G.Selvakumar, AP/ECE

Mr.V.Moorthy, AP/EEE

 Presentation Hall – 1  Mrs.G.Shanthi, Associate Prof./ECE
 Presentation Hall – 2  Mrs.B.Harini, AP/EEE
 Seminar Hall  Mr.R.Arunkumar, AP/CSE
 Presentation Hall – 3  Ms.M.Kavitha Margret, AP/CSE
 Presentation Hall – 4  Mr.R.Rajkumar, AP/ECE
 Presentation Hall – 5  Mrs.S.K.Mydhili, AP(SG)/ECE
Transport (Judges & Participants) Mr.R.Kulandaivelu, AP/S&H – CoordinatorMr.T.Senthilkumar, AP/IT
Promotional videos for inaugural and valediction (about ICECCT and SVSEI) Mr.R.Rajkumar, AP/ECE – CoordinatorMr.K.Sivakumar, AP/EEE
Excursion coordination Dr.N.Shanmuga Sundaram, Head/ME- CoordinatorMr.K.Senthil Prasad, AP/CSE
Entertainment – cultural Mrs.S.R.Thilaga, AP(SG)/EEE – Coordinator
Help desk Mr.R.Midhun, AP/ME – CoordinatorMrs.S.Jothilakshmi, AP/IT

*All are affiliated to SVS College of Engineering